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Small projects: Landscape Architectural Consultation

  • References help Owner decide to schedule a consultation.
  • Owner and I bring share images and walk the property. As we discuss, I take notes and photos, and suggest solutions.
  • Within 30 days, I deliver an 8-1/2" X 11" sketch and report.
  • Cost is a base fee for 1-1/2 hrs on site plus 5 hrs to draft and write report.
  • Any additional services requested by client are billed hourly.

Larger projects: Comprehensive Landscape Architectural Services:

Complementary one hour-plus meeting to understand project and get acquainted, not for designing, so I can propose a Service and Fee Agreement with clear goals for each design stage:

  • Imaging meeting and project documentation and measure-up.
  • Present and discuss Preliminary Study, a first-attempt solution.
  • Revise to a Preliminary Concept Plan and provide cost estimating.
  • Revise to a Final Concept Plan with major plants, plant groupings, Construction elements and materials and lighting illustrated.
  • Develop detailed plans that Owner requests. Could include Demolition, Earthwork, Drainage, Construction, Irrigation, Planting, Lighting
  • Provide Bid Form and Bid Analysis and Contract Negotiation assistance.
  • Provide on-site observation during installation to help Owner achieve high quality & conformance to plan, and to integrate new ideas.
  • Provide post-installation maintenance guidelines and assistance.

merging nature with structure

Kay Stewart is committed to artistically design a landscape to fulfill your needs, within your budget, in a timely manner. Kay provides all services from contact through design and beyond installation, so continuity is assured.

After meeting with you, Kay will prepare an outline of the planning schedule, including a fixed fee associated with each step and the cost of additional hourly services.

Guidance by a landscape architect should improve quality while controlling costs, and Kay estimates rough costs during design to help this happen. Cost estimates are based on recently completed projects, and this step helps you guide the landscape design to fit your budget.

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Merging Nature with Structure